School Tours

Meet Our family of Animals and Visit Our Historic Town!

Come meet the Storybook Ranch family of animals and then head back in time to our own authentic 1800's Dry Bones old west town. The town is compromised of over 15 unique buildings, decorated with antiques and reconstructed with period architecture. It is set among 20 acres of tall Texas pecan and cottonwood trees, among rolling meadows and a natural spring fed creek.

Children and adults will start off on a wagon ride to begin their tour of the town. From there, they will be able to walk among the buildings and learn the history of the town itself. There are activities for guests to enjoy and time will be provided under our covered pavilion for a sack lunch.

Below is a sample itinerary. For our current itinerary, please contact the office number. You can also click the following link to find out more current information on or school tours. 

School Tours Flyer


10:00 - 10:45am
            Arrival - You and your guests will get to meet and feed our friendly petting zoo family of animals, including ponies and horses. You will meet your ranch hand guide who will introduce you and your group to the ranch and go over the rules of the day. A wagon ride will then take everyone down to the Dry Bones, TX town for your trip back in time.

10:45 - 11:15am
            Tour - You will be taken back in time as you experience the rich history of the town while you explore with your guide the complete history of the buildings. Learn about the unique way of life and the culture that the citizens, our ancestors, faced each day in the "wild west".

11:15 - 11:45am
            Lunch - Relax and take a load off for a lunch break under our large covered pavilion for a brown bag lunch. The covered pavilion offers shade from the sun in the warmer summer months  and is a wonderful place for everyone to gather and talk about what they've learn about the town.

11:45am - 12:45pm 
            Games - What school tour would be complete without a little athletic activity and some fun? Team will gather together and compete in a variety of games including a relay sack race, tug o' war, horseshoe toss and other events. Speak with your tour package director/coordinator to plan the activities you and your guests will enjoy best.

            Departure - Final preparations will send our wagon down to pick you and your group up, and shuttle them back to the front of the property to your school bus. This is where the cowboy says goodbye!



            $10 per person - this is with a minimum of 25 guests

            $15 per person - this is with less than 25 guests

Tour Schedules:

            Weekdays only. 10:00am - 1:00pm

We ask that you show up 15 minutes early and plan on departing by 1:00pm to help facilitate your ability to make it back to school on time! No one wants to be tardy!

Contact us at 972-369-0874 or

3701 S. CUSTER, MCKINNEY, TX 75070