Picture this...You catch yourself up late at 
night, lying on the couch, flipping through the channels when you land on an old black and white western movie. You are captivated by the images of cowboys and bandits, flinging the "steel" around their fingers, racing their horses across the plains and shooting up trains and banks. You can't help but be enamored with the romantic notions of the old west and a time long gone. Wouldn’t you like to live that moment, just for a few hours yourself?
Indulge yourself in the fantasy that every young kid has and come be a cowboy, cattle rustler, or bandit with us. Cowboys and Indians wasn’t your thing? How about watching a real salon show girl dance in our Opry house or settle in at the old west saloon bar while “Ol’ Pickens” tickles the ivory at the vintage piano. Maybe you would rather solve a historic western crime and follow along a trail of clues that will have you scouting the town like Wyatt Earp. 

Let Storybook Ranch host your next dinner theater, cowboy western style. We have some exciting stories lined up, waiting for you!

Call our main line and speak with our activities director for more information.