“Come to Where the West is One!”

Our mission: to offer a place where all individuals feel honored, empowered
and accepted through the healing experience of horses, animals, community and nature.

River Ranch Educational Charities was started in 2003 in conjunction with the vision that "All dreams can come true". Our dream has been to conserve a piece of nature within the city limits and provide an experience of the ranch life and horse world that might otherwise be unavailable to the general public and especially to the underprivileged and special needs communities. We feel that our youth are way too often deprived of the experiences and gifts that come with the peace and magic that await us along the trails, under the canopy of trees and among the clouds floating in the open fields. Way too often these simple things are what is most desperately needed. Our intention is to encourage everyone, including the underprivileged and those with special needs, to see beyond what may be an "everyday" challenge, limitation or reality and to remember how many different roads, peoples, perspectives and possibilities lie beyond what we may experience in our homes, schools, neighborhoods or on T.V.


Our program is called “Operation: Cowboy Kindness”! We offer horseback riding, numerous kid’s activities, adult and kid’s parties, weddings, family reunions, team building, school tours, Boy Scout and Girl Scout badges, horse camps plus seasonal events for great rates to the general public & we give back to our community by offering free and discounted services, donations and scholarships to the underprivileged community and those with special needs.

Our charitable services and donations are also offered to other non-profit organizations including churches, schools and other government agencies that are also contributing their efforts to the betterment of those less fortunate. We make these donations to the underprivileged and at-risk community and to those with special needs that contact our facility either individually or through a representative of their affiliated agency. This is done either by phone, email or in person after hearing about us from various sources. Our standard donations are made in the form of 1/2 hr & 1 hour lesson packages; trail rides, petting zoo admissions, pony rides, birthday parties and horse camps. We also contribute and/or donate to a wide variety of organizations in the form of free donation certificates to be used as auction items to assist in the fund raising of other non-profit organizations in our Community!

The estimated value of donations made by River Ranch Educational Charities in just the last 4-5 years is over $600,000. Some of the organizations that have received our support include:

Make A Wish Foundation, Orphan Angel, Samaritan Homeless Shelter, Equest Gala, Texas Stampede Children’s Charity, My Possibilities Adults with Special Needs, Mane Gait Gala, Birthday Blessings, Minnie’s Food Pantry, Especially Needed, Turning Point Rape Crisis Center, American Diabetes Assoc., Pegasus Autism, St. Jude’s, American Heart Association, Rocky Top Therapeutic Center and numerous local schools and individual special needs and underprivileged recipients.

It’s such a privilege to give back to the community & see so many kids’ smiling faces! Please help us reinforce to our youth and communities that "All dreams can come true".

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Contact us at 972-369-0874 or StorybookRanch@ymail.com.

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